3 reasons why electric vehicles are the future: World EV Day 2021

On September 9th, we celebrated World EV Day 2021. Compared to just a few years ago, it has become increasingly common to see electric vehicles on the road. But are electric vehicles actually the future of transportation?

According to global EV adoption trends, approximately 40% of all new cars sold around the world will be electric by 2030. Just ten years later in 2040, it’s expected that virtually all new cars sold will be electric.

But this transition is not just applicable to cars. With the introduction of the Tesla Semi, many large companies such as PepsiCo and Walmart have already committed to electric truck fleets. Other EV companies like NIU are focused on increasing two-wheel urban mobility options, such as electric mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles.

In honor of World EV Day 2021, here are three simple reasons why electric vehicles represent the future.


1. EVs save money

Hand holding money

Who doesn’t like saving money?

The average US household spends approximately $3,000 USD per year on vehicle fuel costs. What if you could reduce that to just a fraction of the cost? Good news: with an EV, you can!

For example, if you own a NIU NQi GT in California, you would spend only an estimated $0.77 to charge up your scooter which would get you 52 miles (84 km) of range. You could save as much as $2,800  per year in fuel costs compared to the average! Check out the NIU range calculator to see how much you could save.

Beyond fuel costs, EVs also have fewer parts to repair or maintain compared to their gas-powered equivalents, which means more direct savings for you!

2. EVs respect the environment

Man rides electric scooter on forest road

Perhaps the most significant message behind World EV Day is the initiative to overhaul our global personal transportation options to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. However, many people question: Are electric vehicles actually better for the environment?

Firstly, electric vehicles are emissions-free for users. They also lead to much lower emissions over the lifespan of the vehicle. According to a recent study, electric vehicles can reduce lifetime emissions by up to 68% when compared to similar gas-powered vehicles.

Unlike fossil fuel usage and gasoline consumption, EVs continue to become more sustainable with time. There are constant developments in the fields of solar, wind, and hydro power. These lead to more sustainable energy options when charging an electric vehicle.

While many urban residents are used to it, gas-powered vehicles also produce an excess of sound pollution. Electric vehicles are very quiet; you need to experience it to believe it. You won’t realize how much noise a gas engine makes until it’s gone. We guarantee you won’t miss it, though!


3. EVs bolster new technology

Person using NIU phone app connected to their electric scooter

World EV Day is also a celebration of new technology.

As we all know, there is a finite amount of fossil fuel that can be used for oil and gasoline. Every EV purchase is a step towards an electrified transportation infrastructure and a brighter future.

Battery technology is constantly improving to provide increased range, power output, and charging speed. But EVs are not just swapping the fuel we use to get from Point A to B. Electric vehicle adoption also supports research for better technology in general.

Many current EVs, such as NIU scooters and mopeds, include regenerative braking, which directly feeds braking force back into the battery. This helps recharge the battery, reclaiming lost energy that would otherwise be wasted.

Electric vehicles have also pioneered the way we interact with our cars, motorcycles, scooters, and more. Many EVs now include phone app integration for live vehicle information, advanced anti-theft features, and GPS location. This provides a next-level vehicle experience and shows the influence that new technology has on our daily lives.


EV Day can be EVery day

Beyond these three key reasons why electric vehicles are the future, there are also other factors that make it increasingly appealing to own an EV.

Some of these factors include rising resale value for EVs, more vehicle selection than ever before, and the ability to power your own vehicle through home solar power!

Electric scooters and mopeds are a perfect transition to EV for many daily drivers. With over 1200 stores worldwide, you can talk with a local NIU dealer in your neighborhood if you want to learn about all the benefits of an electric moped or scooter and how it can fit into your lifestyle.

You can help make every day into World EV Day!